20 People Who Are Always Ready to Solve a Problem

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When our car won’t start, when the Internet goes down, or when we just need to fix something — we know which friend to call for help, and it’s usually someone who immediately pops into our heads as an all-around problem-solver. The following people were born with the natural instinct to fix any situation, improve any boring task, or just make the best out of the worst. We’re taking notes and are going to use a few of these — and we’re curious to see which of these tickled your fancy.

“This man at the beach has a tiny deck chair to rest his head.”

“Life hack: Truss a raft like a roast and hang it in your garage to prevent door dings.”

“Our dryer doesn’t stay closed. This was my solution.”

“This guy wins the ’I fixed it’ trophy today.”

“My family is allergic to cats, so when I came across these in the thrift store, I knew I found a workaround.”

“When you work from home but you need a long bathroom break”

“No tips? No problem.”

“Finally found a use for my old TV!”

A local library figured out how to attract more members.

“In order to open the oven, we mounted the drawer handles in this way. It’s perfect!”

“Boot glue didn’t hold, so I’m making it through the day this way.”

“When you own a welder, nothing is ever really broken.”

“I like to consider myself a handyman. Gotta do what you gotta do to pass university dorm inspections.”

“A friend of mine lost his thumb — nothing a quick tattoo can’t fix!”

“Kids won’t go outside, so I took the Wi-Fi for a walk.”

“This sign I found at an ice cream shop”

“Our elegant solution for keeping the dog in without a screen door”

“Decided to decorate my webbed toes.”

“I knew watching Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner as a kid would be useful one day!”

The Bumper Dumper, a.k.a. the toilet you can bring anywhere you go

Where’s one place you would use a portable toilet? Tell us about a problem that you solved in an unconventional way in the comments below.

Preview photo credit oldelpaso91 / Reddit


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