20 People Who Can Use Their Photos as DNA Test Results

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4 years ago

Sometimes, you can see the similarity in appearance between relatives right away, and sometimes, it takes time. For example, the people from this compilation didn’t have the slightest idea how much they looked like their parents, grandfathers, or grandmothers until they found their photos when they were the same age.

We at Bright Side looked through the photos of relatives who look like twins and realized that genes are a powerful force.

1. “Gramps and I, both 20 years old, 50 years apart”

2. “Me (left) and my dad (right) when he was in the Marines”

3. “My grandfather and me”

4. “My daughter went as me this year.”

5. “Here’s my Grandad at 19/20 years old and my brother at 28. So weird seeing them side by side!”

6. “My dad and I in our 20s”

7. “Yesterday I found this picture of my mom (on the left). In the picture, she was 21. The exact same age that I am now. I’ve put our 2 photos together and I must say, I’m quite surprised by how much we look alike at this age!”

8. “My daughter (2017) and me (1987)”

9. “My Great-grandpa, grandpa, and brother at around the same age”

10. “My mom and my sister (circa 1989) and today as a first-time grandma with my sister’s first child”

11. “A weekend with my mom”

12. “My dad’s genes run a little stronger than my mom’s.”

13. “My dad and I both at the age of 14”

14. “My dad vs Me”

15. “My mom and I, both at age 16”

16. “My mother and me”

17. “My first birthday (1986) vs My son’s first birthday (2018)”

18. “Found a photo of my grandad in the mid-1930s at a similar age as me. He died in 1988, so I never realized how much we looked alike before now!”

19. “Me vs My mom’s yearbook photo”

20. “My mother and my daughter”

Bonus: “My dad and I recreated a tender moment 34 years later.”

Does someone in your family look incredibly like someone else?

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When I was a kid, I looked just exactly as my mom when she was a kid. But when I started growing older my face changed a bit and now I look just like my father when he was young. :)


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