20 People Who Got a New Face After Makeup

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4 years ago

One of the most powerful tools of artistry and self-expression these days is makeup. In the right hands and with the right tools, makeup can flawlessly cover up scars and imperfections, magically add marks that weren’t there before, and completely change the way a person looks. Like Carine Roitfeld once said, “Makeup can help you capture a moment.” And moments of artistic metamorphosis are always worth capturing.

Bright Side has compiled a list of some of the most sensational makeup transformations to grace the internet. We hope to inspire the artist in you to use makeup to express your best self.

1. They call it contouring. We call it sorcery.

2. “Ma’am, we absolutely cannot handle the fierceness you are serving us right now.”

3. This is the post-puberty transformation we all aspire to achieve.

4. When you have a baby face but don’t feel like getting ID’d:

5. Eye makeup on fleek!

6. We all want to be this lady when we grow up.

7. A K-pop star today, a Kardashian tomorrow!

8. Ever felt like you weren’t born in the right decade?

9. Your potential has always been there, it just needed some highlighting.

10. Achieve porcelain skin with the right product and the right technique.

11. In this house, we embrace bold colors.

12. All brides deserve to look their most exquisite on their big day.

13. Bold brows and glittery eyes will never go out of style.

14. Stay hip and look fresh no matter what age you are.

15. Be ready for your close-up all day, every day.

16. Who says Barbie can’t be a total rockstar?

17. Break a few hearts with your evening look.

18. They call it “glow-up” for a reason.

19. This level of fierce would make Tyra Banks proud.

20. If you take a bold risk, it might just pay off.

What do you think of these phenomenal makeup transformations? Have we inspired you to pick up your blending brush and eye shadow palette? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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#1 isn't just a contouring.. more like base/ tons of concealer, powder, and eye shadows.. and yeah, contouring too ?


Most of them have a natural, really unique beauty that doesn't need to be covered under a huge layer of make up and made look ordinary


It’s not that makeup takes up the charm. In some cases, it highlights the unique charm of a person’s face.


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