20 People Who Have a Special Relationship With Cooking

3 years ago

If your caramel pan looks like a burning meteorite or the result of your efforts in the kitchen are far from Pinterest-worthy, don’t give up but rather, post the results on social networks like these Reddit and Twitter users did!

Here at Bright Side, we know that cooking is an art. So if you think you’re the only one failing badly in the kitchen, relax — there are many of us! Scroll down to see the proof.

1. “I asked my husband to cut up an avocado...”

2. “I made banana bread for the very first time. Follow me for more recipes!”

3. “I wanted to cook my wife a fancy meal so I started with chicken stock. After simmering for hours, the recipe said to pour it through a strainer.”

4. “I’m no cook but I didn’t expect to screw up a baked potato.”

5. “I thought it was glass.”

6. Cutting skills, level 80

7. It’s okay that the cutting board melted, at least the pizza is well cooked!

8. Jabbacado toast!



11. This is rice.

12. “How I look in the mirror vs how I look in pictures”

13. You just had one job.

14. “I forgot I was making caramel at work. It’s a tad overcooked.”

15. How wild is storing raw meat right on top of the cooked meat?

16. Cutting is for wimps.

17. “My cousin thought it was a good idea to cook brownies at 1 am and this is the result. He cooked it in a bowl.”

18. “Bless my wife’s heart. She put sour cream, salt, and pepper on the tilapia before she realized she didn’t even open it.”

19. “My boyfriend said he’d make dinner while I took Grandma grocery shopping and I came home to bread and carrots. This took him an hour.”

20. “The wife tried a Babybel for the first time. She’s not a fan.”

Do you have a special relationship with cooking? We’d be happy to hear or see your stories in the comment section below!

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To be fair it's not really clear how a babybel is eaten unless you already know it :p


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