20 People Who Knocked the “T” Off of “Can’t” and Completely Won Themselves Over

3 years ago

Sometimes there is a discrepancy between where you are and where you want to be. People in this article decided to stop dreaming of what they wanted to be and found the courage to stand up and take the first step forward. Now they are on their way to becoming the very best version of themselves.

We at Bright Side will always be here to help motivate our readers. So get ready to meet our 20 heroes right now!

1. “Half the woman I used to be and enjoying life at least 10x more!”

2. “Finally feeling like the best version of myself!”

3. “I reminded myself of how far I’ve come and how much I am capable of! We got this.”

4. “Even us middle-aged fogies can get it done!”

5. “Things are different when you’re happy for a change.”

6. Time and a little effort can do wonders!

7. “This is one of my favorite progress pictures and I wanted to share.”

8. “2 years of a new life, new habits, and a new mindset!”

9. “Low carb diet and basically just exercising a half hour a day...”

10. “3 years of progress and weight lifting! I’m so happy!”

11. 2 years of hard work and that’s it!

12. “It feels like my body is finally mine again, and I’m ready to go into my 30s feeling the best about myself that I ever have.”

13. “I am so thankful for the life I have today because of the choices that my bigger self made!”

14. Hard work will always show up!

15. “Finally went on a mini road trip after 6 months and I am amazed by the difference.”

16. A year of dedication toward your goal can make you not believe your eyes.

17. “I’m so proud of myself!”

18. “I’ve been maintaining for a few years, but was so happy to see this change from my sister’s wedding (left) to my own (right).”

19. “Finally feeling good after letting myself get fat in college. Looking back, I’m shocked I let it get so bad.”

20. “After my divorce, I took time to focus and worked to transform myself to help with starting over.”

Do you have any encouraging stories about weight loss? Please share them with millions of people in the comments down below, we want to hear what you have to say!

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The best part about this is not getting a nicer look, but just feeling yourself better and this will make you a lot happier, well done to these people!


4 looks a lot younger, shows you how important it is to work out!


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