20+ People Who Managed to Clean Dirty Things That Seemed Uncleanable

3 years ago

Few people like to do a deep cleaning at their house, and many feel the same way about a general cleaning as well. But sometimes, this process gets so addictive that you don’t even notice how you went from the usual dusting and mopping stage to the “I declare a war on the stain on the carpet, on the stove, and somewhere else” stage. And it seems like in these moments, there are no unsolvable tasks for you.

Bright Side came across 20+ photos on the internet that will make you believe that the perfect cleanliness does exist.

“My roommates told me that the sink was permanently stained. I had some free time and decided to prove them wrong.”

“I cleaned my grandmother-in-law’s old watch.”

“Look at the trophy I cleaned.”

“I spent all my free time cleaning my car seats properly.”

This is a small thing, but just think about how pleased the postman will be.

“My girlfriend cleaned her PS4 after 6 years of use. It was making weird noises and now, it works silently.”

“My sneakers before and after cleaning them with an old toothbrush and bleach.”

“Silver before and after polishing”

This carpet has seen a lot of things.

“I cleaned an oven after the renters moved out.”

“I decided to clean my headlights today. Here is a before and after picture.”

An antique crystal condiment set is getting cleaned.

An antique brass knobs after a thorough cleaning

“My girlfriend told me that her keyboard looks like new now.”

“I cleaned up our filthy kitchen floor.”

A silver bell before and after polishing

Sometimes, it’s necessary to clean under the hood too. Impressive, isn’t it?

“I’m a girl, and I have to share a bathroom with 2 guys. Before vs After the cleaning.”

“Boots before and after I started repairing them”

It’s time to say goodbye to 123-year-old dirt.

Do you like cleaning your house? Do you have a secret for how to speed up or make this process easier?

Preview photo credit Emjadegee / Reddit


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