20 People Who Squeezed Some Extra Fun Out of Everyday Things

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Scientists say that having fun is essential for our life. The benefits are quite remarkable — it makes us smarter, helps us to build good relationships with others, and even balances hormone levels. You don’t have to wait for a particular situation to come around to have fun or joke about something. There are a lot of everyday things we can laugh at if we try to think creatively.

We at Bright Side browsed the net to give you exactly 20 reasons to laugh. Check them out below.

1. ’’A face mask I got from Japan’’

2. ’’This made me laugh — the cat was not impressed.’’

3. This meat is too positive.

4. “Bought a slap bracelet and checked what it was.”

5. “My niece wanted a female robot, so I got her one.”

6. ’’This overcooked boiled egg looks like the painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring."

7. ’’I wasn’t prepared for the visual consequences of a quick couple seconds in the microwave to improve flow.’’

8. ’’She REALLY is!’’

9. ’’The prices dropped!’’

10. ’’The teacher said the notes had to be on one note card...’’

11. ’’Ballerinas throwing Ninja stars at disabled people?’’

12. ’’Somebody at my warehouse keeping everybody entertained.’’

13. ’’I got this groundbreaking new book today.’’

14. ’’The results of investigating the loud thud in my living room — case closed!’’

15. ’’I’m just glad he seems happy.’’

16. ’’This is the picture Amazon sent my brother-in-law to say the packages were ’delivered to a family member directly.’’’

17. ’’The hotel staff told me where my room was, but I just couldn’t find it.’’

18. ’’Our microwave options sound like rejected superhero names.’’

19. ’’The microwave at work died. Someone took the time to write an obituary.’’

20. ’’Meet furball and meatball.’’

Which of these pics gave you a good laugh that you’d share with your friends?


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