20 People Who Won the Genetic Lottery

4 years ago

Thanks to genes, we have people living among us who are so brilliantly unique, they make us want to look at them twice. From inheriting facial features to looking like an exact copy of their parent to acquiring one-of-a-kind traits, genes work in mysterious ways — sometimes resembling a miracle.

We at Bright Side have compiled a list of people who prove genetic miracles are truly awesome.

1. A family of albinos from India

2. “I have purple eyes.”

3. Like mother like daughter.

4. Vitiligo is beautiful.

5. He’s got the ocean in his eye.

6. “A picture of me and my biological grandmother”

7. “Here is a better picture of the nipple on my leg.”

8. “My right eye is split vertically — brown on one side and green on the other.”

9. “I found a pic of my hubby and his mom, I think my daughter looks just like him!”

10. A Brazilian model with a large birthmark on her face

11. “Recreated an old photo of my dad holding me in 1983, now me holding my son.”

12. “My GF was born without a nail on her index finger. So due to popular demand, we put googly eyes on it!”

13. Twins Kian and Remee. Born a minute apart.

14. “I only have one joint in my pinkies.”

15. “My boyfriend has freckles on only half of his face.”

16. Albino twins who are making a mark in the fashion industry

17. “Here’s a picture of my mom and I around the same age.”

18. “I was born with one elf ear.”

19. “My husband in 1992 on his parents truck... and our son”

20. “Human eye with true polycoria (multiple pupils)”

Which photo on our list made you look twice? Has anyone ever told you that you look like your parents or siblings? Do you have any special genetic traits? Share your cool pictures with us in the comments!


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That last one is so crazy, is his view different than ours?


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