20 People Whose Beauty Popped Even More After They Put Makeup On

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Makeup can do wonders if you decide to alter your look. It gives you self-confidence, your self-esteem gets a boost, and it looks stunning. Today, people decided to see how makeup magic works on their own faces, and we applaud their choices. It turns out that not much is needed to get the look you have been searching for.

1. “Before and after of me doing my mom’s makeup!”

2. “Makeup always looks the best when you have nowhere to go.”

3. “Before and after: I’m a hairstylist and wear a full face of makeup to work every day.”

4. “Natural vs everyday makeup on! I like it bold.”

5. “Do I need to be more conservative with my mascara? I’ve done them like this for years bc of body dysmorphia, but wanna know if it looks silly.”

6. We love her eyes’ sparkle after applying makeup.

7. We have never seen such a drastic makeup change.

8. “Christmas transformation for the holiday season! Hope you like my Xmas look.”

9. “My before/after makeup”

10. Like 2 different beauties

11. “A little transformation for a first-time makeup-wearer on her wedding day!”

12. Sometimes minimal makeup can emphasize your beauty.

13. Not much is needed to look gorgeous.

14. The confident glance is what we need.

15. Her smile after using makeup suits her best.

16. “Did my mom’s makeup, before and after!”

17. Good makeup and a cute hairstyle can boost one’s self-confidence.

18. What a gorgeous change.

19. The confidence she has after applying makeup cannot go unnoticed.

20. Makeup is a great way to embrace beauty.

Do you prefer to put makeup on, or do you like going without it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Preview photo credit oheyitsdee / Reddit


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