20 People Whose Creations Are So Impressive, You’d Rush to Buy Them

4 years ago

Talented people are able to create things that can make our wallets open wide! From a comb that glows in the dark to fascinating woodwork like a bathtub made from a single tree trunk — you can find all kinds of things that will add a little oomph to your home!

Bright Side recognizes and appreciates these people and their talents, so we’ve prepared 20 of their creations that are sure to impress you!

1. “A Patronus resin comb”

2. Any Star Wars fans out there?

3. Painted rocks can add some color to your home decor.

4. The perfect hair fork for cat lovers!

5. A wooden bathtub carved out from a tree trunk

6. “My artistic reimagining of Arwen Evenstar’s pendant, made with rainbow moonstone, red Oregon sunstone, and mother of pearl”

7. “I built this for a family in Columbus OH, but I’m 100% going to build a full-sized one as my house next.”

8. “I wanted to paint my cat but doing all of her seemed hard, so I just did the easy parts.”

9. Would you pay to spend a weekend here? We know we would!

10. Who said mermaids aren’t real?

11. Here’s “Orion’s Belt” inspired by the Men In Black movie.

12. “I make these owl bags — they’re a hoot!”

13. “The bridge to another cat tree I just finished”

14. Hand-carved porcelain glasses

15. A garden stone sleepy triceratops

16. “It’s an R2D2 walnut-stained glass lamp!”

17. “I made this cat from an avocado pit.”

18. “I made 2 little dinosaurs made of polymer clay.”

19. A wire and clay whippet with a heart of gold!

20. “My hand-cut paper mermaid queen! It took 5 long days to complete.”

Do you have the talent to create magnificent things like these? How did you discover your skills? Now is the perfect time to show off your creations and talk about your passion with everyone else!

Preview photo credit emily3289 / reddit


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