20 People Whose Day Went Very Wrong

10 months ago

Life is full of ups and downs, and we can’t have the good without the bad. And reminding ourselves that absolutely nobody in this world is immune to misfortune makes it easier for us to navigate through our own low moments. Below, we rounded up a list of people who were having a pretty bad day that will help you to put your own worst fails into perspective.

1. “How do I start clearing my balcony without getting snow all over the carpet?”

2. “Ordered pizza last night, and woke up to this. I know I didn’t forget to tip!”

3. “The result of me trying to flip my puzzle so I could tape it.”

4. “What is wrong with people? Open your own mail!”

“Got put in the wrong mailbox. Opened it bc I got curious. Happy Birthday tho :) ”

5. “Vending machine took my money, poured sugar in the cup, and said enjoy your drink.”

6. “This handicapped toilet.”

7. ’Someone unwrapped my Christmas present."

8. “I found a piece of latex glove in my bread.”

9. Perfect meal perfectly ruined.

10. “This lizard played dead in my recliner, until I tried to pick it up. Then it jumped up and ran away.”

“Now, running free somewhere in the house.”

11. “What I found in my fortune cookie.”

12. “I guess I was too stressed for my stress ball.”

13. “I broke my grandma’s favorite cutting board with a pizza cutter.”

14. “The worst kind of passenger”

15. “Hospital ’leadership’ gave this to their nurses for their Christmas bonus.”

16. “Drove an hour to have dinner with clients...”

17. “This was my first attempt at making cute unicorn cupcakes for my kid’s birthday.”

18. “I asked for extra sauce...”

19. “There was only half the ice cream in my ice cream bar.”

20. “My vet said they wanted to do a ‘quick allergy test’ on my cat. This is how he came back.”

Have you ever witnessed a funny accident that you still remember today? We’d love for you to share it with us in the comment section below.

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I'm not even mad at the ice cream post, that's my favorite ice cream bar. I always eat all of the chocolate first and then the ice cream last

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