20+ People Whose Halloween Costumes Positively Tricked Us

8 months ago

As October rolls around, the spirit of Halloween fills the air everywhere. People eagerly plunge into the realm of imaginative costumes, putting their unique ideas on display. Many see this holiday as a chance to let their creativity shine by crafting extraordinary costumes that impress others. Halloween is the perfect time to let your imagination run wild, and these people truly understood the assignment!

1. “And the best cosplayer award goes to...”

2. “My wife is a school bus driver and dressed up as Ms. Frizzle for Halloween this year.”

3. “I repurposed some old cosplay stuff and some cheap fabric to make a Squid Game cosplay!”

4. “My wife and I as Mando and Peli from The Mandalorian.”

5. Family did Fast Food Villains!

6. “I had a baby so what better costume.”

7. “My wife and I as Van Gogh and Starry Night.”

8. “How did I do with my Bob Ross costume?”

9. “My son decided to Rick Roll the school for Halloween.”

10. “The internet must be explored!”

11. “I finished my Ken Cosplay in time for Halloween.”

12. “My team said we were dressing as Dominoes....”

13. Robert, Steve Irwin’s son, dressed as Loki for Halloween.

14. Tinkerbell cosplay

15. “Hiya, pal!”

16. “My little man has always been on the skinny side... well tonight it worked in his favor. He sure nailed this.”

17. “A family of Vikings.”

18. “Happy Halloween!!!”

19. “Another year of incorporating my wheelchair into my Halloween costume.”

20. “Happy Halloween from The Queen!”

21. “My barbenheimer cosplay.”

Without a doubt, the most exciting part of Halloween is the intense competition among people who put in extra effort to create extraordinary costumes.


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