20 People Who’ve Changed So Much, You’d Think Time Itself Hit Fast Forward

4 weeks ago

Change takes time and effort, especially when it comes to how we see ourselves. Teens grow into their own unique beauty gradually. It’s not just about fixing things like vision or hairstyle—it’s also about embracing the diversity of our bodies. Every body is beautiful, and it’s all about loving and caring for ourselves along the way.

1. “20yr old me vs 35yr old me. What a difference 60lbs can make.”

2. “8-year difference.”

3. “10-year difference, 12–22.”

4. “The difference between age 14 and age 24.”

5. “The difference a year made on my skin.”

6. “10-year difference (2013/2023).”

7. “Roughly a 7-year difference.”

8. “9-year difference.”

9. “Can’t believe what a difference almost 10 years makes. Lost over 100lbs and lost my hair haha and gained glasses.”

10. “Better haircut, facial hair, tanning and some muscles make a big difference.”

11. “16 to 23... A beard and puberty makes a world of difference.”

12. “Almost 2 years with diet, home exercise, lots of water and basic skin care.”

13. “15 to 23: Skin got cleared, and my hair turned pink.”

14. “From 15 (left) to 27 (right). Shout out to braces.”

15. “My 1-year skincare anniversary.”

16. “Before and after starting skincare routine.”

17. “Skin progress over a year.”

18. “Braces off, after 2.5 years my journey is over. Pics are before braces, then today at ~4 months post-op.”

19. “Before & After — 26 months apart. Braces and double jaw surgery later.”

20. “22-26M: Before and after 20lbs weight loss.”

Which change stood out to you the most? Before you call it a day, take a peek at another article featuring the stories of 9 people who discovered the true sides of their loved ones. It’s a real eye-opener into the ups and downs of human connections and the surprises that come with them. So, grab a seat, unwind, and enjoy these intriguing stories.

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