9 People Who Saw the True Faces of Their Loved Ones

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We often hope for support from our loved ones, yet sometimes it’s from them that a dagger unexpectedly flies into our backs. Even small lies or dishonesty can inflict deep wounds. Thankfully, many people learn to establish personal boundaries and break free from toxic relationships.

  • My husband and I have a mortgage, and recently, an “extra” apartment came into the picture—a relative left it to me for looking after. Our plan is to sell it and put the money toward paying off our debt.
    However, three relatives have come forward, claiming that since we already have a place to live, the “freebie” should be shared with them. I proposed that since this opportunity is so “free,” they could take over the caregiving responsibilities for the paralyzed old lady for six months. I know where to find the necessary documents and how to formalize a rental agreement. But no, they insist on taking the apartment right away.
  • “There was money in the family, but my mother always made us feel like a burden, constantly reminding my sister and me of how much we were costing her. We never asked for toys, clothes, or pocket money. On my 18th birthday, my mother presented me with a bill, listing everything from holiday gifts to pregnancy expenses. My sister received a similar bill.
    In essence, we ended up using our entire paychecks to pay off this supposed debt. When I turned 21, my friends helped me realize how absurd this situation was. My sister and I decided to move away from our mother and cut off all contact with her.” WaningRelevance / Reddit
  • “I have a daughter who recently turned one year old. She has absolutely gorgeous hair, something I’m incredibly proud of. About three months ago, my mother-in-law mentioned their family tradition of shaving off babies’ hair at the age of one. I expressed my disagreement with this tradition, and the topic seemed to be dropped.
    Then, my mother-in-law asked if she could take a walk with her granddaughter, and I agreed. However, when my baby was returned to me after an hour and a half, she was completely bald. I cried all day long because of it.” Antique_Bee_9963 / Reddit
  • “When I was 12, my parents divorced. My father continued to pay child support to my mother because I still have two younger brothers. My paternal grandfather had plans to divide his savings among us, his grandchildren.
    Unfortunately, he passed away without leaving a will. After his death, my father claimed that he had never heard of such plans. As a result, we didn’t receive any inheritance. Shortly after, my father bought an expensive car and went on a vacation to a resort.” oneybigproblems / Reddit
  • “I received an insurance payment, and when my father found out, he asked for a significant loan. He said, ’I raised you, I invested so much in you. Now it’s your turn.’ While I don’t mind helping, I did give him the money. However, now my father is uncertain about when he’ll be able to repay the debt. It’s really uncomfortable for me to bring it up, but I also have my own financial needs to consider.” gaimai / Reddit
  • What do you know about trolling? My grandmother is a real troll. When I was 4 years old, I constantly whined that I had brown eyes, and my grandmother had blue ones. She said, ’Your eyes are dirty, wash up!!’ And for three whole years, I washed my eyes with soap!
  • “The guy went to the party without me. Later, they sent me a photo: a girl had her head on his lap, and he was playing with her hair. Naturally, I asked what was going on. He replied, ’Don’t worry, she just had a headache. Anyway, she left after 15 minutes.’
    Friendly interaction, he said. I wonder what else he means by ’friendly interaction’? It’s been a month, and I still don’t know what to think.” SunnySoy / Reddit
  • “My mother and stepfather live from paycheck to paycheck and have also taken out loans. I decided to help them make ends meet, but I feel like money is being drained from me. When my mom once again asked for money, I said, ’Haven’t I already given enough? I’m not an ATM.’ She was offended and retorted that I had an easy life.” Bullfrog-Intelligent / Reddit
  • My mom took my pool. It was a frame pool in a box stored away in the barn for winter, but mysteriously gone in the summer. Lo and behold, I found it at my mother’s country house. It’s unmistakably mine, with faded happy faces my daughter added smiles to, and a burnt edge from a barbecue mishap.
    I ask my mom, ’Is this mine?’ Hoping for some pretense that maybe I had given it to her for safekeeping. But she insists, ’No, I bought this.’ I question her choice, ’Why? You don’t even have a pump at your country house. How will you fill it—12 tons of water with a hose or buckets? Are you putting it on tomatoes?’
    She brushes it off. I couldn’t confront her directly, nor did I tell my husband. I’m puzzled by her actions and unsure what to do next.

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