20+ Perplexing Photos That Can Truly Tickle Our Minds

3 years ago

There’s no need to be a photography guru to take a mind-boggling picture. Sometimes, it’s all about the perfect timing, the ideal place, and having a fine eye for detail. Spotting a frog that still has its tail, a half-albino squirrel, or a sidewalk struck by lightning are unexpected situations that will surely skyrocket your sense of curiosity.

We at Bright Side are all in for mental workouts, so we want to show you a selection of pics that might unleash your inner detective.

1. “My teddy bear after 22 years of love compared to his original form.”

2. “The sky, captured from my window in June”

3. She has her heart in the right place.

4. “This morning I found a young frog that still had its tail.”

5. “I covered a door in mirror paper squares and now it looks almost like some sort of portal.”

6. “The way a spider made a web on my Spider-Man”

7. “My local tire shop has a jar full of various things they’ve found inside of popped tires.”

8. The sidewalk was struck by lightning.

9. Osiria rose, a flower that grows with both red and white petals.

10. “I found a ping pong ball under my basement sofa that is elevated by spider cobwebs.”

11. How the morning dew sits atop these blades of cat grass.

12. The intricate pattern of frost on a fence

13. Outdoor restaurant in Italy that is covered by lemon trees

14. “Our cherry tomatoes grew like a traffic signal.”

15. A new tree has grown out of a stump.

16. “I saw a half-albino squirrel while frisbee golfing.”

17. “My wife took this photo of a spider that caught a hoverfly in our garden.”

18. “My burnt match looks like a stage microphone.”

19. “I saw a spiral tree on a hike yesterday.”

20. A limited visibility sign that has limited visibility

21. The clouds change the perspective on half of the picture.

22. “What an X-ray of your hand looks like when you have nail studs on.”

What surprising things have you seen recently? If you were lucky to capture moments that left you puzzled, we would love to see them!

Preview photo credit Unknown / imgur


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That teddy is really in a bad shape. My mom gave her to me, that one is 24 years old, and the only difference is in color ; from white to grey, no other difference.

I've no idea how that girl's teddy toy is that bad, can work like a good prop for a horror movie.


I have decided that the company that made the teddy bear did not have a chubby teddy but added stuffing outside the teddy but inside the outfit. Or the outfit isn’t thin. It may look almost the same with the outfit on it.


That spider-man looks so cool! I bet you they would even make more money if they sold it like this!


I love that second picture, so amazing to look at! I love the pink/blue one!


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