20 Pet Owners Who Got a Completely New Dog After Grooming

3 years ago

Dogs should be groomed every 4-8 weeks. But it’s important to note that the grooming should preferably be done by a professional who knows what they’re doing, and not by us at home. However, sometimes even the pros have bad days, and the results make for a good laugh, as some pets come out completely unrecognizable!

Bright Side would like to show you 20 of those bad dog haircuts that will make you wonder whether to laugh or feel bad for them.

1. “Count your days, PetSmart.”

2. A brand new breed: the alpaca dog!

3. “Fired my groomer today.”

4. “My dogs had a run-in with a bad groomer.”

5. When you tell the groomer that your dog looks way too cute, and he fixes that.

6. “What have you done to me?!”

7. At least now we know what this breed looks like without its fur.

8. “It was so long, she couldn’t see, so I tried my best, but poor Maggie May deserved better!”

9. From a pup to a pup-lion

10. At least this way he can’t get anything stuck in his beard anymore.

11. “Our Golden Collie before and after a trip to the groomer. I said trim.”

12. When your mom cuts your hair and tells you what a handsome boy you are.

13. This pup lost its dog-bun.

14. We love that the groomer didn’t get rid of this pup’s wild, spiky hairstyle.

15. Bad grooming takes another victim.

16. As long as he’s happy, we’re happy.

17. If this pup is ever cold, at least it can use its tail to keep warm.

18. “Wife told me to trim the dog.”

19. “Something went wrong at the groomer’s.”

20. “My dog got a haircut yesterday; someone please tell me why he now looks like an emo/goth teenager?”

Do you have any bad before and after dog haircut pictures? How do you think these dogs would’ve reacted to their new hairstyles if they could speak?

Preview photo credit REALBURTIIS / Twitter


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If these are summer cuts, the dogs felt great. Dogs will always be cute, less hair can’t change that. Some breeds LOVE being cooler.


Some of them look better after the grooming, I don't get the complaints, while others could have been done better


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