20+ Pets That Are So Shy They Make Us Want to Hug Them

4 years ago

Anyone can feel shy, this feeling is almost innate in everyone. But, when it comes to the little ones who are our best friends, our pets (and other animals too), this shyness turns into pure tenderness.

Bright Side gathered photos of some shy animals. And it is almost impossible to not want to embrace them and fill them up with love.

1. Can I go out now?

2. I’m sure you can’t see me, I’m invisible!

3. Tell us you love us very much.

4. Oh, it’s so embarrassing that you’re touching my paw!

5. May I have a hug?

6. I know I’m very pretty, but please, no pictures!

7. It’s not that I’m shy, it’s just that I’m sunbathing back here...

8. Are we going to play?

9. No one can see me, I’m not here.

10. Is this how I look like a model?

11. Never let me go.

12. Are you mad at me?

13. Is the food ready yet?

14. Oh no, you found me!

15. Why are you looking at me so much? I’m embarrassed...

16. Oh no! He’s got the camera out again.

17. Yes, I do! I’ll be your pet forever!

18. “I think they’re taking our picture. Act like you don’t notice.”

19. I love you too, owner.

20. Don’t look at me...

21. I’m not hiding, I’m looking for the keys...

22. Human, protect me, there is so much sun.

23. Ah! You scared me!

Is your pet shy too? Have you ever seen a little one so “reserved” that it makes you want to hug them tightly? Show them to us in the comment section!

Preview photo credit mamekoro51 / Twitter


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