20 Pets That Ran Into Trouble and Begged Us for Mercy

3 years ago

Sometimes we are envious of our pets whose lives seem to be nothing but a bed of roses. Sleep all day, eat whenever you want, have some people to take care of you. But sometimes life adds a couple of lemons to their carefree lives, and their emotions reveal that these furry guys weren’t ready for such an unexpected turn.

Bright Side has come across some furry babies that have found themselves in quite the pickle and are ready to show you just how hilarious they are.

1. “Brought a new baby home today. My nakey baby is a bit miffed.”

2. “Getting her nails clipped for the first time”

3. “Agnes is scared of her new baby brother.”

4. “Took my bunny to the beach for the first time. The beach may not be her thing.”

5. “The ’Human, I request your help,’ face”

6. “I was trying to take a picture of my sleeping cat but ended up scaring her instead.”

7. “My baby Tyler being scared by dinos”

8. “My cat tried to climb the net and got her nails caught in it, so she is now stuck this way.”

9. “Any love for a wet doggy-dog?”

10. “My dog is scared of this hardcore party parrot.”

11. “Little Bunny’s day at the spa”

12. “My cat, Lo, giving some heavy side-eye”

13. “I’ve made a mistake, help me human.”

14. “Caught the exact moment my dog fell over.”

15. “Not sure what he’s doing.”

16. “My cat caught a lizard!”

17. “Big girl is scared of the vet’s office.”

18. “Our Ophelia was such a big rabbit. The cat couldn’t even believe the size of her.”

19. “This is the second or third time Buttercup has had a bath. He is a very good kitty but gets scared very easily.”

20. “It’s their first time in the snow. Not really a fan...”

Have you ever had to come to your pet’s rescue? What’s the most mischief they’ve gotten themselves into?

Preview photo credit CatDoctorU / twitter


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#17 is like, "Bro you said we were going to the beach, that's not cool man" *surfer voice lol


omg that 2nd one is just way too cute... I want one like this too!


Stop bathing cats, except for medical causes. Otherwise they just don’t nee to be! Not funny either as they are really stressed.


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