20 Pets Who Love Their Toys More Than Anything

3 years ago

While it’s still debatable whether one should treat their pets like babies or not, there’s no denying that some pets definitely act like kids. They beg for attention, they are fussy eaters, and most important of all, they love their toys and have a strong bond with them.

Pet owners are sharing snaps of their furry babies cuddling with their toys. And Bright Side has compiled the best of them for our readers.

1. “He cannot sleep without his stuffed toy.”

2. Some things never change.

3. “My parents Bullmastiff never chews on any of her toys and shows them off to anyone that comes over.”

4. “4 years later, she has ripped up hundreds of toys, but she refuses to hurt her Dino.”

5. “I’m not going to tell her it’s just a toy...”

6. “My old lady showing off her new toy”

7. “She’s deaf and mostly blind but she loves fetching and catching toys.”

8. “Pippi loves to destroy any toy with stuffing and spread it across the entire house. But she refuses to destroy this one.”

9. “20-year-old Mister with his favorite ghost toy!”

10. “He won’t go to his bed until he has his toy with him.”

11. “My cat has a stuffed kitten toy that he treats like his baby and grooms.”

12. “He loves his dragon toy and wants to show it to you.”

13. When Trooper was a little pup he loved falling asleep snuggled inside his traveling crate with his favorite toy.

14. “First toy to one year old. Just the sweetest dog still!”

15. “She never greets people at the door ‘empty-handed’ — everyone gets shown a toy. No takes, though.”

16. “Brought this princess home yesterday... And she loves the toys I crocheted.”

17. “Our little boy Remi, fast asleep with his favorite toy after a fun day in the yard”

18. Mabel showing off her new favorite pal

19. My cats stole my bed today. And they didn’t forget to bring their favorite play stick.

20. We got my dog a toy pig few days ago and she refuses to part with it.

Do your pets have a favorite toy? Or do they destroy them all? Share their photos with us in the comments!


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My cat play with the same little mouse toys since it was a kitten, so cute!

it's really precious to him


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