20 Pets Whose Middle Name Is “Drama”

2 years ago

Sometimes, even an Oscar-worthy performance pales in comparison to what our pets are capable of. Every now and then, they let out what they feel on the inside by using dramatic looks or heavy sighs that leave us giggling. And these moments are even more precious when we happen to have a camera in hand.

We at Bright Side selected 20 photos that show what good actors our furry friends can be.

1. I told him dogs are not allowed in the front seat.

2. Bathing never feels okay if you are a cat.

3. Who’s been eating my porridge?

4. Did they say it was a king-size bathtub?

5. I’ve been expecting you human.

6. ...But I really want to play outside

7. “My dog’s expression before his bath.”

8. Are you... talking to me?

8. “My hamster is plotting something.”

9. The “I just received socks for my birthday” look

10. Once in the limelight, always in the limelight.

11. You said it wasn’t going to rain.

12. Forgive me love, it was a mistake.

13. It wasn’t me, I swear.

14. When your favorite TV show leaves you hanging:

15. When you’re on a diet:

16. When mom says you can’t stick your head out the window:

17. “My friend’s dog is skeptical about birthday parties...”

18. When play time is over:

19. He’s reminding you to feed him with that face.

20. My boy has mastered the judgmental look.

What do your pets do that makes you laugh? Feel free to share a picture or 2 of your best animal friend that made your day.

Preview photo credit ceciliaj731 / reddit


Kitty no 3?? I'm crying haha This is the exact face my kitty cat makes everytime we get closer to the bathtub. :p

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