20 Photos Full of Delights That Bring Visual Rapture

4 years ago

There are not many bright colors in our everyday life — as a rule, we see gray streets and offices. That's why our eyes always look for shots that can bring visual delight.

For those who are fed up with boring views and want to enjoy beauty, Bright Side gathered 20 photos that are a breath of fresh air. Let's look through them together!

At the end, you'll find the perfect picture. Don't miss it!

"During a dusting of snow in Cambridge yesterday, my friend saw me taking photos outside and shouted from her window, 'Wait! I bought a new coat which "needs" to be worn in the snow!' "

A hypnotically beautiful photo from South Africa

This photo looks like 2 different pictures.

"Pictures of 100 sunsets stacked into one image"

Winter in Karelia, Russia

Oregon during the eclipse

"For sure, the best picture I've ever taken."

"This photo of Toronto looks like a scene from Blade Runner."

"I took this picture in Namibia, and now I think it should be their flag."

Incredible Iceland

This is what a frozen Niagara Falls looks like.

"My friend just got this once-in-a-lifetime picture."

"Long exposure of train leaving the station"

A traffic jam in Scotland

2 beautiful girls and one incredible owl

Snow in Tokyo

"Chicago reflected in Lake Michigan from an airplane"

"How I got this shot, I don't even know. But it's cool."

"This spot on a highway in Wyoming is known as the Highway to Heaven."

Sunset in Egypt

Bonus: These apples are too perfect for this world. And all without Photoshop!

Did you enjoy the compilation? Do you have any pictures that cause delight? Share them in the comments!

Preview photo credit hburger / reddit.com


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