20+ Photos of Cats Who Won the Selfie Game to Celebrate the National Cat Day

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The hashtag “selfie” recently hit over 360 million posts on Instagram. People around the world have been trying out their self-shooting game with no sign of slowing down soon. And this trend isn’t limited to humans — even our furry friends have been figuring out their best angles and leaving their mark in the selfie world!

In order to celebrate the National Cat Day that takes place on every October 29th Bright Side created a list of #catselfies that are simply purr-fect.

1. Snow Patrol

2. Fluffy trail

3. Paint me like one of your kitties.

4. Best pals

5. Work that head tilt!

6. Nice and stable

7. The plandid

8. “Anyone up?”

9. Snap before nap

10. Why the long leg?

11. Is this my best angle?

12. Basking in the sunshine

13. “I’ll smile when I want to.”

14. Fish eye vibes

15. Up close and personal

16. Comfortable in my own fluff

17. “Is this thing on?”

18. Allergies?

19. Eyes on me

20. “Please, no flash!”

21. Who could resist?

22. The bearded cat

23. Fangtastic?

24. “I’ll capture the moment.”

25. Who photobombed who?

26. Double trouble

27. Too much catnip?

Do any of these fabulous felines stand out as selfie naturals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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