20 Photos Proving That Cat Logic Is Hilarious

4 years ago

House cats typically sleep about 70% of their lives. At other times, they do pretty much the same things as other pets do — they play with their toys, eat, walk, and just hang out with their owners. However, sometimes our furry friends might act in a really weird way, and probably only other cats are able to understand this kind of behavior.

Bright Side gathered 20 of the most hilarious photos proving that cat logic can’t be explained by human standards.

20. The food of other cats is always better.

19. “Can I be your blanket?”

18. Her flexibility is impressive.

17. When the choice is too hard:

16. A batcat

15. “My cat is terrified of our vacuum cleaner and found a good place to be safe and observe it.”

14. “Every time I’m in the bathroom”

13. “If I can’t see anybody, nobody can see me.”

12. “I always use the cat door. I’m a good boy!”

11. Bed & breakfast at the same time

10. “I just wanted to help with the decorations!”

9. Who needs a single bed if you can have a double bed?

8. Cat logic at its finest

7. “This is how I was woken up this morning.”

6. “This is my friend’s cat eating dinner.”

5. How to trap a cat:

4. “It feels warm, I must sleep on it.”

3. The perfect balance

2. It’s so comfortable like this.

1. “Some cats bring home mice or birds, ours brings home sponges.”

Does your cat act weird from time to time? Share your funny pictures with us in the comments!

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