20+ Photos Proving That Cats and Snow Are Not Meant for Each Other

5 years ago

Veterinary experts always say that you should keep your cats and dogs indoors if the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, or 35 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, your furry friends might get frostbite on their paws, ears, or the tip of their tail. However, some of them are so scared of the cold and snow that you can’t bring them out even if the weather is much warmer.

Bright Side gathered 23 of the most hilarious photos showing how much some cats hate the snow.

23. “Hey! My paws are cold!”

22. “Let me back in, for God’s sake!”

21. The eyes of pure terror

20. “Take me out of here, human!”

19. His reaction is priceless.

18. “Who put this snow here?”

17. “Oh no! It’s falling right from the sky!”

16. The joys of winter

15. “We have 2 skinny cats and one fat one.”

14. “What is this?! I don’t like cold things!”

13. The whole cat family agrees that it’s much better to look at snow from the inside.

12. If you don’t like it, attack it.

11. “Maybe it won’t be so cold if I try hand walking?”

10. A snow cat

9. “Are you sure that you can walk on this?”

8. It seems that he’s really enjoying the weather.

7. Not everyone will survive the winter walk.

6. “This is my cat after playing in the snow for the first time.”

5. “It’s the only way my friend’s cat will go out in the snow.”

4. “It will be fun,” they said.

3. “That’s how my cat feels about snow.”

2. To stay inside or to go outside?

1. Snow is all around...

Does your cat like winter? Share the stories about your furry friends with us in the comments!


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Oooo they are so cute!!!! #2 it's my face when i see first snow)


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