20+ Photos Showing Regular Things From the Inside

3 years ago

Many of us wanted to see what’s inside a toy or a tennis ball. But how about an AirPods case or a debit card? The people from this article couldn’t fight their curiosity and decided to find out what the most ordinary things look like on the inside.

We at Bright Side got curious too and decided to look into the things around us.

“My dogs tore apart a cactus toy, to reveal another, sad cactus toy.”

“I cut a pack of bacon in half.”

“The inside of my son’s slap bracelet is part of a tape measure”

The inside of an electric toothbrush

The inside of an AirPods case

The inside of a cherry seed

This sponge has a smaller sponge inside it

What a nautilus looks like on the inside

Ice cream cut in half

The inside of my debit card

A golf ball cut in half

The inside of a bee tree

“My dog finally killed her favorite toy tonight, only to find there was a smaller, even more squeaky toy inside!”

What honeycomb looks when cut in half

“If you have ever wondered what the inside of an RFID keycard looks like, now you know.”

The inside of a turtle shell

Inside a 9-volt battery

“I cracked open a UK plug and found a 2-pin European plug inside.”

Tennis ball cut in half

Hip bone

“My dog tore open his Yoda plush toy and the squeaker inside is a heart.”

What interesting things have you found inside the most regular things?

Preview photo credit evilpig / reddit


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ooo, I had no idea the toothbrush looked so sick on the inside... that's pretty nice!


I knew about the golfballs! I saw it before ? there is this youtube channel that cuts everything in half


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