20+ Photos That Can Leave Even the Brightest Minds Perplexed

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Not everything we see around us makes sense. There are people who show their quirky way of seeing the world through their work. And many Internet users, upon finding things that are utter nonsense, capture them to publish these “works of art” on the Internet. In today’s compilation, you will see that sometimes common sense vanishes and we are taken for a ride in the world of the absurd.

1. “What does that smell like?”

2. “Got here just in time! Nearly got locked in!”

3. “Gave myself eye strain trying to read this can of room spray.”

4. “Crosswalk to nowhere”

5. “Installed the AC, boss...”

6. “I don’t know, that wall might be up to something...”

7. “This handle in my auntie’s house is attached to the frame instead of the door.”

8. “The keyboard layouts of my two laptops are different.”

9. The perfect place to make friends

10. “This fork I got with my chicken salad wrap.”

11. “They could have put the toilet anywhere...”

12. “Just ridiculous”

13. “I just want some orange juice.”

14. “So I went to my grandma’s house...”

15. “I see nothing wrong here!”

16. “Guess I won’t eat it”

17. “How did this happen?”

18. “The way this AC was placed in my new home...”

19. “What being is gonna sit there?”

20. “Hi-tech lock system”

21. “This is fastener-ating.”

22. “Near my neighborhood’s bakery”

23. “Freshly paved today”

24. “My birthday cake this morning”

What situations have you experienced that you regret not taking a photo of?


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