20+ Photos That Will Leave You With No More Questions About the World

3 years ago

It seems like we already know everything. Smartphones, supercomputers, other planets — all the significant discoveries have been made. However, it was only in the last 10 years that scientists took the first photo of a black hole, created artificial meat, and constructed synthetic DNA.

And although not all of us are prominent scientists, we at Bright Side are convinced that everyone can make discoveries. And this compilation proves that.

This is how Brussels sprouts grow.

When the liquid has exactly the same refractive index as the glass:

How focal length affects a picture:

Focal length at 24 mm, focal length at 200 mm

If you haven’t seen it, this is what a baby corgi’s paw looks like.

A pink katydid is a result of a rare genetic mutation.

Who said that the world couldn’t rest on a turtle’s back?

So unicorns actually exist — but they aren’t quite as they appear in fairy tales.

No filters or photoshop — the sky in Australia turned red because of wildfires.

This is what happens when a commercial pool heater doesn’t have enough water flow. It collapses the pipe due to the vacuum and heat.

A vivid demonstration of how germanium is transparent in infrared

In Greece, women of easy virtue wore shoes with inscriptions on the soles which left a sharp “advertising” imprint on the ground, saying, “Follow me.”

If you’ve ever thought about how to weigh an owl, here you go!

This is a reading chair from the eighteenth century before there were audiobooks and electricity in general.

Japanese scientists in 1973 decided to find out how the distance between the trees affects their growth. After almost 50 years, they got the results.

Uranium in this hyalite opal causes it to glow green when exposed to UV light.

The life cycle of a blackberry

2,000 years ago, there was no sea in this area in Naples, but rather, a Roman palace.

The Leshan Giant Buddha in China is the biggest, tallest stone statue of Buddha in the world (at 232 feet).

On the beach in South East England, you can see dinosaur footprints and even understand how they walked. Many of the smaller rock pools are actually their foot imprints.

This is just an old Japanese keyboard.

This is Enzo. He proves that vitiligo can occur not only in humans, but in animals too.

What stunning facts have you recently learned? We’re already eager to read through the comments and say, “Come on, you’re probably joking!”

Preview photo credit Camarada Bakunin / flickr


but that unicorn isn't a horse right... looks like a cow?

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