20+ Pics Proving Parenting Is a Challenge You’re Not Always Ready For

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3 years ago

All kids have one superpower: to create a catastrophe in the blink of an eye. Most parents know that if a child remains silent for too long, they’re up to no good, whether that means cleaning their potty with a toothbrush or being stuck somewhere in the bathroom. And the parenting heroes of today’s compilation learned that lesson and then some.

Here at Bright Side, we know the struggle parents go through. But these kids will definitely have something to tell their grandkids, even if that means uncovering their criminal past.

1. “This is my 3-year-old cleaning his potty with my toothbrush.”

2. There are no limits to kids’ imaginations, especially when they get bored with their younger siblings.

3. Sometimes they scare the heck out of you.

4. “My mom was overjoyed to learn about Pokémon Go from my nephew.”

5. “I think my kid is up to something...”

6. “My 3-year-old daughter set her chalk up this way and insists it’s a turtle. She made me pet it twice.”

7. They don’t leave you alone for a minute.

8. But maybe it’s a good thing because whenever they disappear, they’re up to no good.

9. They make everything around them sparkle.

10. “She wanted a bath.”

11. You’ll never be bored dealing with things you never thought were possible.

12. “My 4-year-old found permanent markers and is so proud that he is now Darth Maul.”

13. “My little sister was complaining about wanting to swim but having no pool. I found her in the backyard like this.”

14. When you toss all of your toys out of the box but still can’t find the one you’re looking for:

15. “This is how my 2-year-old-niece insists on holding her new baby brother.”

16. You never know where you’ll find your kid next.

17. “My niece loves glasses.”

18. “After all the money I spent on blocks...”

19. “Try working with a 4-year-old dressed like Spider-Man perched on the kitchen table behind you whispering, “Can you hear me breathe?’”

20. “It took me years to learn how to program and develop games, and my 2-year-old manages to hack into the matrix on his first try.”

21. “I gave my 2-year-old a slice of cheese to eat while she watched Paw Patrol. Then I checked on her a minute later...”

22. “My little brother’s parenting experience in a nutshell”

How are you dealing with your kids? Maybe you also have some funny pictures of them doing crazy stuff or some equally hilarious stories about yourself! Please share them with us in the comments!

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#17 reminded me of my childhood. I used to wear eye glasses when I was young. But it was summer and I really wanted to wear sun glasses too, so I didn't find anything better that put them on top of my eye glasses and go outside. I was so happy :D

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