20 Pics That Prove Nature Always Has Something to Show Us

3 years ago

There’s no need to go far to discover astounding scenery. Before our very eyes, during a walk through the countryside, you might see a weasel riding a woodpecker or a completely green oak tree despite being half-burned by lightning.

Here at Bright Side, we love to be amazed by the wonders of nature and we’ve looked for some new reasons to say wow once again.

1. A weasel riding a woodpecker

2. The sun, perfectly surrounded by a rainbow

3. This Mt. Etna lava flow resembles a Phoenix.

4. A tree coming out of an abandoned chimney

5. Horizontal rainbow over Lake Sammamish

6. Taking advantage of a nice spot

7. The sky in a stone

8. What planet is this on?

9. Oleander Hawk-Moth, rescued from my cat in South Africa

10. Golden Himalayan mountains

11. Orchids that resemble animals

12. The “Big Mac”, a natural rock formation in Arizona

13. Dolphins in Australia bringing gifts of coral to shore

14. The setting sun’s golden rays entering an ice cave and turning a section of the cave’s ice amber

15. Some birds have so called nictitating membranes that are transparent and allow to clean and moisten the eyeball without shutting out the light.

16. This year’s last supermoon, rising over Santa Cruz’s Walton Lighthouse

17. The size of the hail in my state last night.

18. A waterspout in Florida

19. An old oak tree still all in green every year, despite being hit and half-burned by lightning

20. This Mantis looks like it’s riding a bicycle.

What do you think of these wonders of nature? Which surprised you the most? We would love to know, tell us in the comments!


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