20+ Pics That Remind Us to Treasure Every Moment With Our Kids Because They Grow Up So Fast

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2 years ago

Looking at old photographs of ourselves as babies, dropping off our kids for their first day of kindergarten, or simply blinking and waking up to our firstborn in our arms — these moments fill us with nostalgia and make us realize how fast time really flies. Love is a universal language, and it seems like the happy moments are the ones that matter the most and make our hearts feel cozy in an instant.

Bright Side found some special moments people wanted to show to the world, and here is your dose of happy tears.

1. “A year later with our Christmas baby — I can’t believe my baby girl is almost 1! Time really does fly by in the blink of an eye.”

2. “Hang in there, dads. It happens before you know it.”

3. “Dropped my daughter off at kindergarten today. This photo made her pretty emotional.”

4. “Everyone in this household loves story time! It’s these little moments that I cherish.”

5. “I became a dad a lot later in life. I never knew that I was capable of feeling this much love for someone. I just wanted to share my baby girl with y’all. Life is good.”

6. “Took the lad on his first-ever strawberry picking adventure today! Can’t believe I’m 11 months in already. Where does the time go?!”

7. “I recently took my best picture ever. I present my 2 daughters and 2 sons.”

8. “I’ve been stress cleaning all day, but the sight of my daughter sitting on the couch with her Bert and papaya took some of the stress away!”

9. “I cannot believe I created this beautiful guy. And all of the amazing things my body continues to do to care for him is truly empowering.”

10. “Fed, bathed, dressed, and down for a nap; and it’s only 11 a.m.! Now I can finally get to work... on my phone.”

11. “She loves her new baby sister.”

12. “Just the usual bathroom break!”

13. “I’m just here to brag now. I feel like I’ve birthed an angel.”

14. “We’re just enjoying the much, much-needed rain.”

15. “If you look closely, you can see my son hiding from me.”

16. “The way my son looks at me never fails to make me smile.”

17. “The little man got his first haircut today! Got a fresh cut like his dad and didn’t cry once!”

18. “My son trying watermelon for the first time”

19. “An origami paperclip holder my son made for me when he was 9. He is now turning 21 and I still have it on my desk at work.”

20. “I became a dad today, to the most beautiful baby girl.”

21. “Grandpa and grandson getting the best sleep...”

22. Our childhood summed up in one photo:

What is your most cherished memory from your childhood? Is there anything more precious than seeing a baby smile? Let us know in the comments.

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