20+ Pics That Show How a Hairstyle Can Transform Your Look

2 years ago

Nothing screams change more than a drastic hairstyle transformation. Imagine waking up one morning and deciding to cut off your long locks into a pixie cut or dye your natural blonde hair to a statement-making blue-black hue. You might not like the outcome, you may not even recognize yourself, or on the contrary, you could be smitten by the ’’new you’’ looking back in the mirror. No matter how you feel, this bold move can be a life-changing decision.

We at Bright Side love experimenting with new looks, which is why we have radically Photoshopped the hairstyles of some famous men and women to see how much they’d change, and the results left us baffled.

1. Megan Fox

2. Gigi Hadid

3. Monica Bellucci

4. Keanu Reeves

5. Rihanna

6. Vin Diesel

7. Zendaya

8. Kourtney Kardashian

9. Nicole Kidman

10. Meghan Markle

11. Dwayne Johnson

12. Aishwarya Rai

13. Ed Sheeran

14. Kendall Jenner

15. Justin Bieber

16. Angelina Jolie

17. Brad Pitt

18. Cameron Diaz

19. Travis Scott

20. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

21. Ariana Grande

22. Jon Bon Jovi

23. Anne Hathaway

How often do you change your own hairstyle? And have you ever taken a chance and gone for a look that was completely different from your natural hair?


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