20 Pics That Show Some Bonds Are Stronger Than Time

3 years ago

A happy ending doesn’t just exist in fairytale movies. Successful marriages, eternal friendships, and reuniting with your loved one after years apart also happen in the real world. And these stories can be as emotional and uplifting as the ones we see on the big screen.

For the “happily ever after” fans, Bright Side found some animals and people who’ve managed to keep their feelings alive throughout the years.

1. “Some things never change.”

2. “My grandparents have been married for 61 years. He’s blind now so she washed and brushed his hair for him.”

3. “Still going strong with 77 years of love and marriage.”

4. “15 years later, my friend and I are still together.”

5. “Almost 40 years together and this is how they still watch TV.”

6. “Since we couldn’t marry 10 years ago, we decided to do it again.”

7. “We made it. Survived 41 years of marriage. Now for some happy adventures!”

8. “I am very fortunate to have had such amazing friends for over 30 years.”

9. “My dad and little sister then and now on her 17th birthday.”

10. “My parents were high school sweethearts, and have been married for over 50 years.”

11. “After 30 years of being denied marriage, my aunts finally got to tie the knot.”

12. “My grandmother wearing her original wedding dress on her 60th anniversary with my grandfather.”

13. “He may be graying up, but he is still the same good boy I fell in love with over 14 years ago.”

14. “65 years of marriage later.”

15. “Snuggle buddies for life”

16. “My grandpa and I in 1983 (left) and my grandpa and my daughter in 2015 (right).”

17. “Future marriage goals: My parents 30 years in.”

18. “After 30 years, I found my birth mother.”

19. “My girlfriend finally reunited with her grandmother in Vietnam after 15 years.”

20. “My best friend and me, 10 years later”

Who do you still love, even after so many years?

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