20 Cats That Did Something Incredibly Silly and Their Owners Managed to Capture It

3 years ago

We all really love our cats, but sometimes it seems that they are really silly. Otherwise, how can you explain some of the things they do? Like, why do they chew on plastic bags, drink water from the toilet, or climb something tall and then scream for their owner’s help?

In the bonus section, Bright Side added a smart sphynx cat. But believe us, he doesn’t know what to do with warm pasta.

“I don’t even know how she managed this position”

“Well, he prefers it to his water”

“Our cat got all the beauty, but not the brains.”

“She knocked 2 dozen freshly chocolate-dipped cookies onto the floor and covered herself in chocolate, resulting in an emergency bath.”

“I hung this little ledge for him to watch all his birdie buddies and this ungrateful cat literally will not step foot on it. No trust whatsoever.”

“Thought he came in for morning pets, turns out he’s just hungry and my finger will do.”

“He was aiming for the food bowl.”

“My cat thinks he fits in every box.”

“If I can’t see you, you can’t see me right?”

“This cat couldn’t figure out how to fight a wash cloth. He just rubbed it on his face lovingly. He’d never survive in the wild.”

“He was in the middle of grooming when someone rang the doorbell... Sat like that for 10-15 minutes.”

“She wants me to make him move so she doesn’t have to shove her face in next to his. And she’s the *smart* one.”

“Left my PJ pants on the floor. Found my cat like this, this morning.”

“Trying to get our cat used to an automated feeder has resulted in a lot of yelling.”

“Guess who’s jumping on top of the door and begins to cry after 2 minutes because he’s afraid to jump?”

“I think he looks silly.”

“He was battling the shutters. He lost.”

“She eventually did fall.”

“Hector has recently come to believe the recycling bin is his sleeping place.”

“Mavis, eating a bag of onions”

Bonus: A smart cat that knows how to keep warm.

“She doesn’t even eat it, she just likes the warmth.”

Do you find your cats in ridiculous situations often? Let’s find out whose story is funnier!

Preview photo credit cuteblackkat / reddit


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