14 Awesome Life Hacks That Can Make Cat Owners’ Lives Easier

5 years ago

When you own a cat for years, you can solve any “cat issue” just in a few minutes. Cat owners know how to calm their pet down, correct their bad habits, and construct a scratcher that you don’t have to nail to a wall. Fortunately, they’re always ready to share their experience with other people who love these furry animals.

Bright Side is so inspired by cat owners’ inventiveness that we’re ready to share their pieces of advice with the whole world.

14. Calm your cat down.

You can calm your cat down with the help of this treat that can be attached to any plain surface. It’s easy for pets to lick these lollipops, so it’ll keep them busy for a while. If you don’t have a nice treat like this, you can also spray some water on your cat. This will make them start grooming themselves immediately.

13. Teach your cat to comb itself.

Cats like to groom themselves. Attach a brush to the wall and your cat will definitely want to try it...

12. Get rid of the odor from the cat litterbox.

Here’s a great solution: Just pour some dry green tea into the bottom of the tray.

11. Wean your cat from going to the toilet in the wrong place.

If your cat thinks their litter box is inconvenient, they will try to avoid using it. In this case, try to put something soft inside like an old piece of fabric, some paper, or some soil.

10. Wean your cat from destroying plants.

Put some dry flowers and cones in your pots. Your cat will probably find it inconvenient to walk in there and stop destroying your plants.

9. Make your cats less aggressive toward each other.

Cats need time to get along. Homemade shelves and bridges can really help them: they create additional personal space that cats need. It’s the lack of personal space that often causes conflicts.

8. Wean your cat from walking on the table.

Just use masking tape: cut it and put on the table, sticky side up. This “trap” will definitely wean your cat from this habit.

7. Train your cat use a scratcher if they ignore it.

If you spray some catnip spray on a scratcher, your pet will love it. Some scratching posts are already infused with catnip.

6. Wean your cat from destroying furniture.

Cats start scratching furniture and walls when they don’t have another option. Buy a scratcher or make it at home and cover the corners of your furniture with protective tape. You can also cover all your furniture with cardboard: your cat will get used to it and then there will be no need to cover the furniture.

5. Make a cat scratcher in 3 minutes.

Wrap a table leg in jute rope or threads and show it to your pet. They’ll probably love it!

4. Make a toy for your cat.

Create a universal toy from a shoe box and cardboard paper towel tubes. Cats will likely think that something is hiding inside and try to catch it.

3. Make a ladder for cats.

Cats like to climb to high places, but this “hiking” usually damages furniture. Create a ladder by wrapping a wide plank with a rope and attach it to the wall or your wardrobe.

2. Make a house for cats.

You just have to take a big box, cut out the entrance, and cover the floor inside with a soft rug.

1. Make a condo for your cats.

Find some tree branches and create a big cat condo. Make sure your construction is securely mounted.

Here you can find many pictures of these condos that will inspire you.

Do you use any “cat” life hacks? Share them with us!


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