20 Pics That Show We Don’t Need Magic to See Little Everyday Wonders

3 years ago

There are still many things that can amaze us — the way broccoli blossoms, a hairy leaf, or soap for a car wash that changes colors. This kind of stuff just makes us feel excited and happy. Little events become big.

We at Bright Side can’t wait to show you 20 pics that prove our world won’t let us stop wondering.

1. “I found a monarch to match my tattoo.”

2. This piece of wood has a face.

3. “My Snapdragon’s flowers dried up to look like skulls.”

4. “Snails crowded on a small tree”

5. This glove is floating.

6. “I found a statue in Rome with funny socks.”

7. “This very tiny fuzzy leaf that fell from my Oak tree.”

8. “My pile of unfolded laundry made a shadow that looks like George Washington.”

9. “The way this chandelier reflects off the coffee”

10. “My potato had a mustache.”

11. “My mail came inside an envelope made out of an old map.”

12. “The soap at this car wash changes color as you scrub.”

13. “This weird lemon that grew on our lemon tree”

14. “My cat looking like he flushed himself down the drain.”

15. “I found a starfish in one of my mussels.”

16. This mushroom with a magical cap

17. “The deflated balloon that looks like Mozart”

18. “It was satisfying to find nature fighting back to spread love.”

19. This extraterrestrial underwater bridge in the Netherlands

20. “My broccoli is blossoming.”

What was the last thing that made you wonder? Do you have pictures of your own that show curious things?

Preview photo credit wigglingelephant/reddit


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l once spent 20 minutes looking at a tree branch trying to work out what was different. Until 3 praying mantises moved and gave me a real fright...lol Ever watched them eat??? That's Alien...lol


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