20+ Pictures That Can Make You Think Twice Before Buying Something Online

3 years ago

The Internet has become so popular, that today, you can do or find almost anything online. It’s one of the many advantages that this wonderful tool provides us with, besides giving us the possibility of buying what we need without having to leave home. However, not everything is peachy in the virtual world. And that can be clearly seen with some online purchases from companies that have major problems making sure the products they offer live up to their customers’ expectations.

At Bright Side, we love to make you laugh. So today, we bring you a sample of what to expect when buying clothes online. We selected pictures with the caption “expectation vs reality” that will blow your mind. And don’t miss the bonus feature we prepared for you at the end of the article.

1. Did this Cinderella make it to the ball? Don’t think so.

2. If the color was the only thing that felt off about it, it’d be wearable...

3. You can barely notice the difference, right?

4. “We’re out of small flowers, but no one will notice!”

5. Well, it could honestly be worse...

6. Almost the same...

7. I think the color difference is the least of the dress’s problems...

8. “Do you mind telling me where the open back dress I ordered is?”

9. Where’s the rest of the dress?

10. “You barely notice the difference, am I right?”

11. They couldn’t even manage to use buttons of the same color!

12. Ok, friends, no comment here...

13. The Little Mermaid: deconstructed

14. It kind of looks like a cake, right?

15. You wouldn’t be the only one crying, girl.

16. Disappointing much?

17. How does this work exactly?

18. Next level sad and disappointed little girl

19. To be fair, it does look like the picture.

20. “And that’s exactly why I stay away from tight clothing.”

21. “Come over here, Anna!”

22. And again, lesson learned when it comes to tight clothing...

23. Because who wants sequins if you can get mini-Christmas tree ornaments instead?

24. It’s kind of shorter on one side, but no worries, you just have to walk leaning on one leg to fix that.

25. If you take a close look at it, they could be the same dress. Well, kind of...

26. They didn’t even get the colors right!

27. A dress from Frozen that’s kind of, well, frozen!

28. “Bought a dress but got a skirt...”

Bonus: a few more articles of clothing that will make you think twice before shopping online

1. Such nice boots! Wait a minute...

2. They seem comfortable at least...

3. You wouldn’t say they’re different, right?

4. “Ordered that and this is what I got.”

5. “Bought myself a real pair of Sony earphones. Yeah...”

6. “So, this is the new cheese grater I bought? Hahaha!”

7. “I bought 48 pens and this is what they sent.”

Expectations were a little far from reality, right? What do you think about online shopping? Did you have fun reading this article? Have you ever bought something online and were far from satisfied with the result? Let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit aliexpress, aliexpress


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And that's why you never buy something if you can't return it.. unless it's really cheap and worth the gamble


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