20 Pictures That Prove We Can See Faces and Shapes Anywhere

3 years ago

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon under which we see shapes, figures, and faces where they aren’t. From dog faces to dragons or very revealing expressions in slices of bread, the pictures shared on social media all over the world prove how we’re wired in such a way that our perception “plays” with our minds to find all kinds of images in our surroundings.

Bright Side wants to share with you pictures that show how humans can actually see faces everywhere, thanks to our great imagination and our complex psychology.

1. “The back side of this studio microphone appears to be holding its head, screaming in pain.”

2. It looks more like a dragon than tree roots, to be honest.

3. The perfect way to start your day is with a smiling toast for breakfast.

4. “Whilst walking into a kitchen, I saw this guy.”

5. When you play the same song on a loop over and over, and even your speakers seem to be in pain....

6. “Started drawing over to show what I see in detail, here’s a sad bear trapped in a wall!”

7. “A good start to the day”

8. An iron with serious behavioral problems...

9. “He’s screaming BUY MORE SOCKS!!’”

10. “Accidental sunscreen swan”

11. This is what dogs feel like when they can’t go out on a rainy day...

12. “This jalapeño looks like a T-Rex.”

13. “The wheel looks like a goose head holding a wheel.”

14. If Alice in Wonderland’s flowers were real, this is what they’d look like...

15. A mop with an impressive head of hair

16. Price is so good even the boxes are surprised

17. “Don’t eat me!”

18. “Found a giant wasp nest inside our walls and didn’t realize the first pic I took was so terrifying until someone pointed it out...”

19. “The happiest little bagel”

20. “This wood post looks like an anxious cat.”

Have you ever seen faces or shapes on inanimate objects in your surroundings? Do you have a picture to share with us?

Preview photo credit DoeKawaii / Reddit


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When laying down in my bed, I look at the bathroom door sideways, and I see a crying bear. The tear is toothpaste that dried on the door.


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