20+ “Puppies” Who Don’t Realize How Wrong They Are About Their Size

4 years ago

Seeing our pups grow from tiny babies into full-grown adults is one of the best parts of being a dog owner. However, some of these adorable pets don’t seem to acknowledge how big they’ve become and still act like small puppies. That is completely fine with us, by the way.

Here at Bright Side, we believe all dogs are lap dogs and chose some of the sweetest pics of these little monsters being clueless about their size.

1. This sweetie who wants to ride in the toddler’s seat

2. Meet Bailey, the 130-lb lap dog!

3. “Look how big Maynard already was just short of turning 3 years old.”

4. This dog can barely fit in its owner’s lap, but who cares?

5. This 80-lb Malamute who still loves being held

6. This huge Irish Wolfhound who makes for a great bed buddy

7. He might be just a little big for piggyback rides...

8. This dog is seriously giant but would still like to be cuddled.

9. “Wake up, human. I want pets.”

10. This dog is too big to lie in the chair so it just sits like this looking rather classy.

11. Is this a puppy or a real-life teddy bear?

12. This beautiful Great Pyrenees is both a big boy and a sweetheart.

13. This massive glow-up in just one year

14. Why use a blanket when you have a pup this size?

15. Carrying this big fella around must be quite the workout.

16. This Black Wolf hybrid that can barely fit in a seat for 2 humans.

17. “Scooch over, I want to cuddle!”

18. This Great Dane seems like he would be a good office assistant.

19. “Why use the rest of the couch when I can just sit on your lap?”

20. “This chair is too small, I demand a new one.”

21. This dog is named Cupcake and it really is a perfect fit.

22. Rufus, the 120-lb lap dog

23. The fluffiest cuddle monster

24. That feeling when your dog is bigger than your boyfriend

25. This adopted Greyhound is still trying to figure out this whole lap dog thing.

26. This 11-month-old, 130-lb puppy is almost the size of the closet behind it.

27. Big boys need love too!

28. Once a lap dog, always a lap dog...

29. It’s nice to have siblings you can share everything with.

Which fluffy doggo did you want to hug the most? Share it with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit Laurenja89 / reddit


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I would like to have such a big chow chow! Look at how cool and big it is ?


and the most important - they still want to be carried around like small lap dogs ?


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