20 Satisfying Photos That Every Perfectionist Would Like to Start Their Day With

3 years ago

Perfection is everywhere. You can find it in a piece of tuna, on the trunk of a tree, or even in a plate that broke exactly in half. Small things like these make us feel satisfied, similar to the way we feel after everything in our room gets perfectly organized.

We at Bright Side enjoy seeing accomplished things and found 20 photos that can fulfill you as well.

1. “This piece of tuna is pure art.”

2. “This maple leaf pattern inside of a maple tree”

3. This birthmark is perfect for a map.

4. “A discovery I made today: 2 out of 3 dimensions fit perfectly, the other one just barely misses.”

5. This watermelon exploded while trying to cut it and ended with this perfect tongue.

6. “I dropped my plate and it broke in half.”

7. “The different colored sky looks amazing.”

8. “An end grain cutting board made from 157 pieces of black walnut, birdseye maple, and padauk.”

9. “The way the tire looks after a ride on the beach”

10. “This dried paint came out of my plastic pour cup.”

11. “The way these products are arranged”

12. “Thought I had lost my cheese sticks when I came upon this accidental perfect fit.”

13. 7 perfect layers of jello

14. “1995 Zippo, before and after”

15. “Overlapping sticky notes”

16. “A tree with a camo pattern”

17. “My dad put his glass into the freezer and managed to get a perfect ice mold of it.”

18. “Lightning struck a tree near me and blew the bark off in a satisfying way.”

19. “My cactus bloomed in a smiley face pattern.”

20. “The way the line in this puppy’s fur aligns with the walkway”

How often do you notice something perfect or oddly satisfying? Do you have any pics of yours that captured a perfect moment? Please share it with us!

Preview photo credit Mneneon / reddit


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That store is just perfection, too bad someone will come and take something out


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