20+ Sights We Were Totally Not Expecting to See Today

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Every once in a while, life decides to catch us off guard with a totally unexpected sight. And whether we feel unsettled, amused, or totally confused by these situations at first, they always end up becoming the memories we treasure most. That’s because our brain loves any sight that stands out from the ordinary and feeds our imagination.

1. “My bats”

2. ’’I left my clog out in the rain and it sprouted.’’

3. ’’My company still uses this mouse from the ’90s.’’

4. ’’My oyster had a little crab inside it.’’

5. ’’The Gorilla glue completely dried before we used any of it. I had to cut it out of the bottle.’’

6. ’’This guy at work’s huge ’dad wallet’’’

7. ’’I took a bite of my apple and it’s red inside.’’

8. ’’I found the senior photo of Steven Yeun in my school’s senior photos of 2001.’’

9. ’’A really small turtle I found on the road the other day’’

10. ’’I’m 21 and I already have a streak of white hair.’’

11. ’’My vegan chicken wing had a wooden bone in it.’’

12. ’’My wife’s toy costume for 2022’’

13. ’’These old gold crayons have turned green with age.’’

14. ’’This French fry is 8 inches long.’’

15. ’’I discovered a piano...in the middle of a hiking trail.’’

16. ’’We found an unopened jar of pickles from 1987.’’

17. ’’Blueberries in the palm of a 5-year-old’’

18. ’’My son came home with a sticker reminding us picture day was the next day.’’

19. ’’I asked for extra pickles and got 25.’’

20. ’’My wife is wearing a hole in her spacebar.’’

21. Special!

Do you often encounter unexpected sights? Do you believe that we see these surprising situations for a reason?


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