20 Situations That Can Get Anyone Instantly Frustrated

year ago

Psychologists prescribe a 5-step method to overcome our frustrations. Whether they be minor or humongous inconveniences, it’s important to note that breathing, reflecting, writing them down, shaking them off, and lowering your temperature down can tremendously help to vent all the bad vibes away.

1. “I just wanted to eat something I enjoy, but I burnt myself and knocked the food off with the microwave door.”

2. “Me on my girlfriend’s stairs”

3. “The candle exploded for some reason and ruined my TV.”

4. “We were playing darts and my grandma hit the ’reset’ button.”

5. “My neighbor’s friend decided that this was the best place to park, making us late for work.”

6. “This unintentional de-motivating yoga mat”

7. “I went into Target and came out to this.”

8. “My roommate bites her butter then drops it on the pan when she cooks.”

9. “They built the steps a week ago, and yesterday it rained.”

10. “This new lock is stuck on my bike. The fingerprint feature won’t work, and it’s not even charging.”

11. “A restaurant gave me raw chicken and then blamed it on ’new guidelines.’”

12. “A high school throwing away perfectly good books”

13. “I was contemplating between a 9-inch or a 12-inch pizza, and they ultimately gave me both.”

14. “This ’box’ of beef jerky”

15. “My shirts for work finally came but spelled wrong. My name is Carter.”

16. “My dog covered herself in super sticky hitchhikers.”

17. “This is how much ice cream my wife leaves in the container so she can say she didn’t eat all of it.”

18. “My friend opened his laptop next to me and gave me instant anxiety.”

19. “I don’t know this girl but she kept putting my window shade down every time I put it up.”

20. “Something took a bite of my pineapple.”

How do you deal with these kinds of situations? Tell us something unforgettable that irked you to the max.


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