20 Small Accidents That Made Someone’s Day Unforgettable

3 years ago

butterfly sitting on the nose of your dog or a bird that leaves a little fluffy animal on your car — these small things make your day unforgettable. And it’s even luckier when you have a camera to capture these special moments.

We at Bright Side wish you a good day and want to share some positive pictures with you about little accidents.

1. “Your day just got better.”

2. “Found this free guitar outside a bowling alley in Nashville today.”

3. “My boyfriend told me, ’Under no circumstances are you allowed to catch the bouquet.’”

4. “My mom sent me this photo today on her way to the grocery store!”

5. “And suddenly I realized someone was eating my banana...”

6. “I love you so much that I could swallow you.”

7. “Does anyone know what kind of birds these are?”

8. “I know it’s not gargantuan, but it’s still a big fish.”

9. “My wife, mom, and daughter shortly after my daughter took her first steps ever”

10. “My 89-year-old dad gave his 90-year-old girlfriend these reindeer pajamas and stuffed Pooh Bear.”

11. “My aunt and my mom being told that my grandma was pregnant (taken in 1955)”

12. The moment you realize that you were born lucky

13. “A bird heroically saving them from a fine”

14. “A bird landed on my truck hood while I was at a stoplight and left me a little present when it flew away.”

15. “My friend found a sailboat in her wagon wheel macaroni.”

16. “You’ve been visited by the money dog.”

17. “Grandma, do you have some rice that I can put my phone in? It got wet.” And then she pulls this special box out of the cabinet.

18. “My son is digging the race car shopping cart!”

19. “Found this embroidered dollar a few years ago in a parking garage.”

20. “Today was the best day ever!”

What was the most unforgettable accident or event that made your day? Do you have any pictures that you took to save good memories of little, wonderful things? Please share them with us!

Preview photo credit katwatermans / reddit


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Grandparents are the best! I only met my mum's mother and unfortunately not for a long time. But every moment spent with her was a delight :))


Your kid's first steps... We didn't get pictures of our kids'first steps but I remember the feeling of proudness :)))


I love surfing. But when I first tried to surf it was a disaster. No balance at all and a lot of fear. My coach used to shout "don't think about it just look up". Then a seagull flies right above my head, I look up t see it and.... I was standing! :D


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