20 Sweet Boys Who Refuse to Be Anything but Lap Dogs

2 years ago

According to a study, if you want your kids to be more successful in life, get them a dog. It may sound like a ton of work right now, but dogs add so much to your life and family. Only some dogs grow into adorable beasties in size but remain young at heart. They believe they can still fit into your lap, even if they can’t. But they will try.

Bright Side brings you some of the sweetest but biggest boys, from Reddit and Imgur, who do not understand why they cannot fit their giant behinds into your small lap anymore.

1. “Me and my 1-year and 4-month-old puppy Thor.”

2. “My 125 lb lapdog”

3. “Personal space? Sorry, never heard of it.”

4. “This is Ben, a really good boi who thinks he’s a lap dog.”

5. “They BOTH sat on me.”

6. “Frank doesn’t believe that he’s not a lap dog.”

7. “Duke, my 120 lb lap dog”

8. “Lap hound”

9. “What do you mean I’m not a lap dog?”

10. “My boy Watson, head of security, 160 lbs”

11. “In his mind he is a lap dog.”

12. “Our big boy refuses to accept outgrown lap-dog status.”

13. “Da beast”

14. “My husband and I were sitting on the floor talking when...”

15. “Is your dog a big lap dog?”

16. “If Sage fits, Sage sits.”

17. “We can all relate...”

18. “80 lb lap dog. She apparently needed a hug.”

19. “My big girl loves to cuddle up on the couch.”

20. “I’m just gonna sit right here ok?”

Do you also have a lap dog just like these good boys and girls? Share your pet anecdotes with us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit ccmac86/reddit, tat2canada/reddit


love 17 what breed is he?, no 18 of course they need a hug, no 19 is he part wolf, no 20 protected..lol
They are ALL Adorable!!!

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