20+ Things From Childhood That Make Us Smile and Confuse Modern Kids

3 years ago

A tweet by even_kei literally broke modern kids. She posted a photo of an old computer mouse and a boiled egg and complained about how hard it was in the past to overcook eggs in order to put the yolk in the mouse after that. A huge discussion started about whether what she was talking about was true. There were thousands of comments from teenagers, and even some adults.

Of course, nobody put egg yolks into computer mice. But we at Bright Side think that this situation really shows how the technology and games of the past may sometimes seem like magic and mystery to the kids of today. So here is the original tweet that started it all and a compilation of things that will definitely make a young person ask a lot of questions.

“Kids these days will never know the hardships of having to overcook a fresh hard-boiled egg yolk for their computer mouse.”

“My first ’device’ — a calculator you could program. I could spend half a day to program it so I could play with it later. Play on a calculator!”

“Kids these days will never know the joy of ripping the edges off of dot matrix printer paper and folding them into caterpillars...”

“Who remembers these? 40 years since the legendary Sony Walkman, and I just found mine. Kids these days have no idea what it was like to try to skip a track on a cassette.”

“Kids these days — all they want for their birthday is electronics!”

These are Freddy Krueger fingers. They were the coolest thing you could make using paper.

This is one feature of old phones that we will definitely miss.

Kids these days will never know the ease of: “My phone died, let me use your battery real quick.” © OGElmoCooks / Twitter

Nor will they know the struggle of playing this game. No touchscreen just buttons..."

“God, I dreamed about this thing!”

It’s sad that kids these days will never know how cool McDonald’s toys were.

Oh man, those were the days... Kids these days will never know about huffing on a CD or blowing into a cartridge.

“Kids these days cry over buffering issues... You actually don’t know what the real struggle was like.”

They’ll never know these struggles either.

“The problems I had in my childhood”

The device to connect a console to a TV.

The most pleasant sound of all

“I cracked open this time capsule full of CDs from the ’90s...”

Just think about all the stuff you had to carry around before there was a good internet connection.

Oh, the times before smartphones...

“I’m trying to stretch the phone cord from the kitchen to my room to make a private call.”

Today’s kids will never know how long it took to find the song you wanted to listen to.

Back when your phone’s internal memory could only handle a certain number of messages

“This was my cable box in the early to mid ’80s.”

All you had to do was enter the cheats.

Now all these movies can fit into a smartphone, but it was a nice feeling to dig through this pile of videotapes.

Did any of these photos make you feel nostalgic? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit even_kei / twitter


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