20 Things That Prove Hate Means Love in Sibling Speak

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3 years ago

About 80 percent of people living in the US have at least a brother or a sister. The thing is, no matter where you are in the world, if you have siblings, you know how to express love to the other one in a very... peculiar manner.

Growing up, we from Bright Side understand how crazy and at the same time, fun, life can be with a pinch of fraternal love. These people know this feeling all too well and even found a way of gifting and trolling at the same time!

1. “Girls, where’s your sister?

2. “SELFIE! While my sister is about to push a baby out!”

3. “Me at 4 years old, finding out my brother was in fact, not a sister.”

4. " I told my sister that she was holding Big Ben."

5. “How a big brother views his little sister getting married”

6. “My sister’s troll birthday gift”

7. “Finished wrapping my sister’s present. It’s a necklace.”

8. So my brother did this... we don’t have a key.

9. “Look at that sibling love.”

10. “My brother decided to wake me up like this.

11. “$100 in singles individually wrapped for my brother.”

12. “My sister thought my leg could use more holiday spirit.”

13. “About to volunteer my sister for the ice bucket challenge.”

14. “Let your sister drive they said. It’ll be fun they said.

15. “My brother is so immature.

16. “When my sister realized I was non-returnable”

17. “I changed my sister’s bathroom art while dog sitting. She still doesn’t realize that it doesn’t say ’HOPE’

18. “Every time I draw something on the mirror so it reappears when my brother showers. I went for something a little creepier than normal...”

19. “Just found this cute picture of me and my cousin, and my brother in the background.”

20. “My sister likes to take selfies. So do I.”

What was the one situation when you supported your bro or sis in a “alternative” way? What was the one prank you’ll never forget about? Share your stories and pics in the comments so we can all enjoy them!

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this is funny however I don't hate my sisters. They troll me occasionally


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