20 Times Love Brought 2 People Together, Regardless of Their Age Difference

2 years ago

Love is a beautiful thing that comes when you least expect it, and sometimes with the person you never expected. For some, finding “the one” can take a long time, and when they do find it, they discover that their other half was just a few years away. In these couples, age doesn’t matter — the only thing that matters is the love they have for each other.

Bright Side gathered some pictures of couples that prove age difference is not a problem when it comes to finding true love.

1. “I’m 29 and my girlfriend is 41. We’re 12 years apart but it doesn’t matter. She’s my best friend and the love of my life.”

2. “I’m 24 and met him (age 41) when I said, ’You look like trouble, what do you want?’ He laughed and said, ’You.’”

3. “We’ve been married for a year now and just had our first baby. I’m 54 and she’s 28.”

4. “27 years old and 51 years old — I’m super happy.”

5. “We eloped! She’s 32 and I’m 56.”

6. “My partner (age 47) and I (age 25) took a trip to Vegas for my birthday. I’m the happiest when I’m with him.”

7. “Married my 31-year-old best friend (I’m 24).”

8. “35 years old and 61 years old — I adore him.”

9. “Just celebrated our 1-year anniversary, he’s 23 and I’m 34. We close on our house next month!”

10. “28 and 61, started as sharing my flat with my landlord. It’s been over a year now and we couldn’t be happier.”

11. “My husband (52) and me (30) — we celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary this year.”

12. She is 41 years old and he’s 26.

“I (41) would call him (26) the man of my dreams, but the truth is I never could have dreamed of such an exceptional person. I am truly fortunate and honored to be his wife.”

13. “My 22-year-old boyfriend and me (40 years old), simply happy!”

14. “My love (21) and me (43), camping”

15. “2-year wedding anniversary, ages 43 (left) and 25 (right)”

16. “Me at 53 and her at 24 with a one-year-old child — who would’ve thunk?”

17. “A few photos from my 46-year-old husband and my (age 28) maternity photo shoot”

18. “Me (age 28) and my girlfriend (age 42) — I absolutely love this woman! So lucky!”

19. “I’m 35 and he’s 52, we’ve been together happily for 5 years, and tomorrow we move into our first place that’s just the 2 of us! ”

20. “I (28) am just beyond happy with my (age 45) boyfriend. Just moved in together and have been dating 1.5 years.”

What has been your longest-lasting relationship?


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These couples are Amazing! They have not judged their partners and have found the Love of their lives, that in itself is a Blessing, and l Wish them All the Very Best that life has to offer them all both now and in the future.


The thing is, the odds of one partner losing the other to death and being alone again is exponential. I saw this happen to my in-laws and my much younger mother in-law is broken by the loss of her much older husband.


my ex was 9 years older...my friend has an issue with that because they feel they are not so free with him...


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