20 Pictures That Prove Maine Coons Are Just Gentle Giants

11 months ago

Some of these Maine Coon cats may have a head as big as a 3-year-old, be as tall as your kitchen counter, and have bellies with a crazy amount of fluff. It looks like the Maine Coon cat is the real boss among domesticated cats. These Maine Coon growth pictures showcase just how big and majestic these cats can become.

1. This Main Coon is as big as a 3-year-old.

2. This Main Coon cat is almost 6 years old now.

3. An unusual Maine Coon

4. Maine Coon cat merging

5. Ginger Maine Coon

6. Maine Coon cats with different colored eyes

7. A gray Maine Coon with yellow eyes

8. A Maine Coon compared to a normal cat

9. A huge Maine Coon cat

10. A Maine Coon with blue eyes

11. The tallest Maine Coon cat

12. A Maine Coon with long whiskers

13. A Maine Coon cat

14. This Maine Coon’s color

15. A beautiful Maine Coon

16. A Maine Coon with green eyes

17. A white Maine Coon

18. A furry Maine Coon cat

19. Maine Coon colors and patterns

20. A happy Maine Coon cat


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They have such beautiful long thick silky hair with a full tail. Their personality is equal to their striking appearance. Loving and gentle yet playful and full of energetic. At 7 months my Prince is a big baby.


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