20+ Times Mother Nature Created a Real Masterpiece

3 years ago

Mankind might have created artificial intelligence and might use Satellite Internet, but people still get stumped by the true wonders created by nature. Seeing albino guinea pigs giving birth to melanistic offspring or a fox that is red and black at the same time is something that is hard to fake.

Bright Side hopes you’ll like these cosmic islands, chimera animals, cloud storms, and other natural wonders too.

1. A red fox that is partially melanistic is called a cross fox.

2. Hormuz — an island in Iran that looks like outer space

3. This chimera cat has 2 kittens each of them is colored like one of his halves.

4. This is Olive. She has a sectoral heterochromia that’s why each of her eyes has 2 colors.

5. This beauty is a melanistic jewel spider that can be found in Australia.

6. Half-brown half-grey eyes

7. A black-and-white python

8. An albino guinea pig gave birth to a melanistic one.

9. These kitty brothers have the same heterochromia.

10. Melanistic and albino tortoise, side by side

11. A leucistic snake

12. Can a white clover be considered lucky?

13. A chimera axolotl

14. What you might have mistaken for snow is actually white sand in New Mexico.

15. When father python is ivory and mother python is axanthic the result might be this beautiful.

16. “My father snapped this photo of a piebald fawn moments after it was born in his front yard this morning.”

17. Axanthic iguanas turn teal.

18. A python with piebald mutation

19. Lake Retba in Senegal is pink due to salt-loving algae. It’s not only safe to swim in, but one can also float in it like in the Dead Sea.

20. A Morning Glory cloud over a lake

21. These are Blue Java bananas, their consistency is kind of like ice cream, and their flavor is similar to vanilla.

Which point on the list did you like most? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Preview photo credit oddity_olive / instagram


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