20 Times Nature Whipped Out Its Artistic Skills to Knock Our Socks Off

2 years ago

There’s an artist inside each of us, and it’s up to us to uncover it and unleash its powers. Nature is a world-famous artist, and we can see its works of art as soon as we open our eyes. We know you’d want a front seat ticket to the show called “Nature Rocks,” and this is why we prepared a special exhibit just for you.

We at Bright Side love and appreciate everything Mother Nature has to offer, and we gathered some of her best works of art — we hope you’ll be just as impressed as we were.

1. This is Lucky from Thailand.

Lucky was born with heterochromia, a condition where each eye develops different colors. Together with his big cartoonish eyebrow, he looks out of this world. You can follow Lucky on his daily adventures and find out more about him here and here.

2. “The inside of this tree looks like a fish.”

3. “A perfectly round rock I found at the beach”

4. “This tree I found grows into itself.”

5. “An absolute unit of a grape with an egg to compare”

6. “My dog had a paw print on his paw.”

7. “This tree looks like broccoli.”

8. “A magical bench engulfed by 2 trees in my backyard.”

9. “This forgotten bike that grew into a tree”

10. “Somehow half of the bottom trunk of this tree was cut, but the tree still managed to survive.”

11. “My cat’s checkered paw”

12. “My beet looks like salmon!”

13. “I was lucky enough to see the Rainbow Eucalyptus today; it’s like something out of a fairy tale.”

14. The honey locust plant

15. “Found this $29,000 amethyst throne today.”

16. “I broke a stick in half and was presented with a star at its core.”

17. “This wood chunk looks like a human heart.”

18. “This tree collapsed in a very strange way from the weight of the snow.”

19. This tiny avocado might be enough for a serving of guacamole for ants!

20. “This Nike shoe that we found while hiking”

Have you ever encountered something other-worldly that made you say, “Wow, this is unbelievable”? Please share your experience with us, and let’s celebrate Mother Nature’s art show together!


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Does anyone see the size of the egg compared to the hand? The grape is kind of large, but the egg seems to be very tiny!


pic 20,this shoe is Adidas not Nike,it has 3 stripes on its side..pic15,according to some researches,this stone may harm our body,because of radiation🤔


That throne is something else, that's the kind of throne a real fantasy type king would sit in


17 is actually cool, how small is the chance that nature makes something so strangly shaped like that, and then it's almost identical to a human heart... just crazy!


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