20 Times Ordinary Things Suddenly Decided to Amuse Us

2 years ago

Things that we see every day may amuse us in an unpredictable way. There is no need to search for them. Even a vegetable on your table might have a shape of a fist hinting to you ironically that it’s not made for your salad.

We at Bright Side had a look around and found 20 standard things with unique features to share with you.

1. A wombat’s fingers look almost like a human’s hand.

2. A giant tooth with its roots

3. “My pepper looks like a fist.”

4. “This golf ball inside a log I found.”

5. “Unusual tap in my hospital room.”

6. “This banana has no curvature.”

7. “This urinal has a mini-game.”

8. “The tiny armrest I had on my flight.”

9. “Someone has been knitting bird legs for all the street signs in my town.”

10. “I found a very small frog.”

11. “This unusual sign I found in the woods.”

12. “I had a quadruple mini-banana this morning.”

13. “A tree stump that looks like a screaming soul.”

14. “Morning frost surviving sunrise by hiding in shadows at the school playground.”

15. “I found a traffic light man with shoes on.”

16. “Printed a Sisyphus statue to push my TP up a shelf for all eternity.”

17. “Water froze in my fire-pit cover and made this wreath!”

18. Not just a drawing, but a pillow contrast drawing

19. “It could’ve been an ordinary letter if they didn’t send it 8 times on the same day.”

20. “This tree looks like Batman taking a selfie.”

How often do you notice unexpected features in ordinary things? Do you have pics of these things? Please, share them with us!

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit designgrl/reddit, johnloc97/reddit


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